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Splashbacks protect your walls from the splashes and stains that can ruin your décor. They are designed for easy cleaning and resistance to grease and water damage.

Whether you have a rustic kitchen, something that’s very modern or a contemporary design, you’ll find a large variety of materials and designs to suit your needs. Splashbacks can be placed over your cooking area or as a feature along the whole length of your kitchen wall.

Here’s some popular materials used for splashbacks to help you to make the right choice for your kitchen. 


Concrete tiles have regained popularity due to their sustainability. They are hand-made which means each tile is unique. Unlike ceramic tiles they are not kiln-fired but are hydraulically pressed to remove the excess water. This makes them thicker and more durable than ceramics.

Concrete tiling is an ideal material for a splashback if you want something that’s a little different. Hand-made concrete tiles mean you can have a design that’s unique and eye-catching. They can be customised to match your kitchen décor, or you can use them to create a space that stands out and gets people talking.


Quartz not looks beautiful on walls and floors, but it’s also ideal for kitchen backsplashes. This is because it’s a man-made, non-porous and stain resistant material. It’s installed in a block which means no grout lines for a smooth finish.

Quartz comes in a variety of styles ranging from pale coloured solid blocks in white, or beige. Or, you can have a marble look or go for the dramatic effect of black or grey quartz with or without coloured grains. 


A bespoke glass splashback can be a stunning addition to your kitchen. Glass splashbacks can blend in with your kitchen décor or you can use colour to create a look that will attract attention and make a real design statement.

Mirrored splashbacks have the benefit of reflecting your kitchen’s available light and making a small area seem larger.

Stainless Steel

If you want a modern, industrial look for your kitchen then stainless steel should be your choice. If you do a lot of cooking, then you’ll want a splashback that stays clean with minimal effort. Stainless steel is tough making it the perfect material for high use areas.


Granite is a natural material that is often used for kitchen worktops with a matching splashback. It won’t fade and it’s available in in light and dark tones to suit your kitchen décor. It can be cut and shaped to fit into most spaces and it’s available in large blocks for a seam-free option.

You can have the granite polished for shiny effect or give your kitchen a rustic feel with a matt finish and it’s suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens.

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