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There’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to picking a kitchen worktop. However, before you make up your mind firstly think about how your kitchen is used and secondly how much time you want to spend cleaning and maintaining your worktop surfaces and in conclusion what type of work type of work top you like. Here we’ve picked out eight worktop materials that are functional but stunning to look at.

Granite & Marble

Granite & marble are natural materials. They have durable and water-resistant properties. Firstly you can choose from polished, brushed or a leather finish. Each type will produce a distinctive look in a contemporary, modern or classic bespoke kitchen. Marble contains natural veining in light or dark tones like Carrera marble and granite comes in a variety of natural colours and patterns.

Stainless Steel

If you spend a lot of time cooking and you want your kitchen to be beautiful with a professional touch, then stainless steel is the perfect material.

It’s rust, heat and water resistant, plus it’s easy to clean and maintain. It can scratch, but this can be said to demonstrate that it’s well-used and loved.


Quartz is tough man made , non-porous and heat, stain and scratch resistant. It’s a practical material that also looks gorgeous in both modern and traditional kitchens.

Quartz is available in white, beige and grey tones and also in blue, brown and black. It has bold or subtle veining. It also comes with tiny pieces of mirror running through it which gives it a luxurious finish.


Concrete worktops are designed for heavy-duty use. It needs to be sealed to make it water and stain resistant. Polished concrete worktops will give you a unique look in a variety of colours which will suit both traditional and modern kitchens.


Hardwood will bring warmth into your kitchen. It’s strong and water resistant. Popular woods are oak, walnut, iroko or teak.

A hardwood worktop will need to be sealed on a regular basis, but if this done then your worktop will stay beautiful for many years.


If I want to improve the available light, or I only have a small kitchen a glass worktop can be the ideal solution. Glass looks stunning in contemporary and modern kitchens, especially when you use colour a colour. Glass can be toughened so it is super strong and I find it easy to maintain.


Corian is a man-made material created from acrylic resins, colourings and minerals. It is heat, water and stain resistant. It can be cut and moulded into shapes or curves so that you can create a unique look in any type of kitchen.


Although tiles might seem a bad choice due to the grouting between them. I, in fact, have used grout that has been treated with anti-bacterial properties. I find porcelain or ceramic tiles can add warmth to a bespoke painted kitchen or sophisticated modern or contemporary space. Mirrored tiles can add some glamour. While quartz and marble can be added to any type of kitchen.